Beautiful Creatures Series. Just finished book one. A-mazing. Freaking out in limbo until I get book two.

Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness, Dream Dark, Beautiful Chaos, Beautiful Redemption) (own Beautiful Creatures)

Beautiful Creatures I'm reading the book!!!! It's so good so far and the movie is really good too!!

I just hate hiding all the time, feeling like everybody is whispering about me - Lena Beautiful Creatures Sublime Creature

Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert in Beautiful Creatures

For this photo that iv'e taken out of the movie Beautiful Creatures, it shows how much Ethan cares for Lena and how he knows the great person she is ,meaning she wont go dark.

#BeautifulCreatures (2013) - #EthanWate

Supernatural star-crossed romance, a small town full of secrets, and a dash of Southern gothic intrigue.

Ravenwood Beautiful Creatures Duchannes Family Tree - Gather up all those family photos and identify those in them to help your family researchers in future times, and get them online in your own Genealogy site!

Ravenwood Beautiful Creatures Duchannes Family Tree - Oral histories are gold. don't wait until your elderly family generation has passed on

Beautiful Creatures

When Ethan says this to Lena, he's trying to tell her that when she falls, she's not the only one because he's falling inside to because there loves so strong that when they fight or leave each other, it feels like there both falling at the same time!