We Lived Happily Ever After: Make your own Bear Rug for $6

Due to popular request, the first tutorial I will be sharing form June& Rustic Room , is this adorable bear rug!

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Woodland Nursery decor Girl baby bear rug by ClaraLoo Oh my gosh if I ever have another baby girl this will be her room

Living room - big open room into kitchen (kids can play with balloons and helicopters when ceilings this high :) )

Altitude Adjustment: A Handcrafted Log Home in Colorado

What do I love about this living room? The fireplace. The railing across the fireplace. The doors above the fireplace. The windows on the ceiling.

Polar Bear Rug | ZARA HOME United States of America

Add style to your home with bedding, tablecloths, rungs, candles and home accessories on sale at Zara Home this winter.

the whim wham life: DIY: Faux Bear Skin Rug using fur fabric from JoAnns

the whim wham life: DIY: Faux Bear Skin Rug@ Lindsey Odonnell. For Wayne.

Free Bear Rug Knitting pattern.  CLICK LINK FOR PATTERN: http://web.archive.org/web/20100107071700/http:/www.knit1mag.com/extras-faux-bear-rug.php  (Image taken from Ravelry user.)  Though at over $280.00 in yarn alone, I don't think I'll make it, at least not using the pattern's requirements.

Free Bear Rug Knitting pattern, found on Ravelry - Inspiring women to make art and save the world