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Beach Style Massage Chairs

Enjoy all the beach services in #CostaHollywood. You can enjoy a wide array of food and beverage services that will be directly brought on to your chair. Soak up the sun with a variety of water sports, witness some happening beach events too. If feeling tires then just get a neck, hand and foot massage by the beach


PODillow Face Down Beach Pillow - 12750

PODillow Face Down Beach Pillow - Designed for ultimate comfort while lying face-down, the PODillow Face Down Beach Pillow is ideal for a day at the beach! Comprised of two halves&...

We become the people in WALL-E one VR massage chair at a time Little by little next thing you know youre sitting in a massage chair wearing an Oculus Rift acting like youre not in the middle of a crowded German trade show floor. You can let yourself go for a few seconds at a time and for a few seconds at a time it kind of starts to work. You vacillate between closing your eyes and keeping them open for the full effect. You know the demo is only a few minutes long so you want to cram as much…

there are 2 of a dad had one of these lounge chairs... the chair vibrates and was good for back and legs massage. we still have it...i Nail Design, Nail Art, Nail Salon, Irvine, Newport Beach