Beach Buggy...reminds me of one of the first off-road vehicles I ever road in. Except Dad made ours with an empty beer keg for a gas tank, and there was a back seat where me and Marky had seat belts. Fun times!

1970 Meyers Manx Buggy Front View - always liked dune buggies - probably because I wanted to live at the beach!

1966 VW BEACH BUGGY - Stance, wheel and tire combo, low back seats, color

Have a real want for a SWB Volkswagen based dune buggy like this

Dune Buggy - Meyers Manx (1964/1971). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Reminds me of Speed buggy!!!

Dune Buggy - Meyers Manx One of my friend's dads had one of these when we were kids. We loved riding around in it!


This is one of two finishes of a damn fine buggy that has captured my heart. Kudos to the owner