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Chromatic Circles Wool-Pile Carpet Hanging by Herbert Bayer American, designed in 1967

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Glyphosate testing in Portugal detects highest levels ever recorded in people with no professional exposure

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MONSANTO - Satanic Illuminati freemason's company whicg try to poison us and have done terrible experiments "in the name of MONEY and SADISTIC POWER - BOYCOTT all its products!

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NY Times Rejects Monsanto Science

For the past 20 years, independent researchers have been attacking Monsanto science in various ways, and finally the NY Times has joined the crowd. The story will deepen. It will take on new branches. The revelations will indict the corporation (Monsanto), its government partners, and the scientists who falsified and hid data.

That's Frickn ScArY! What's worse is the same government that tries to convince us they want to protect us, is or would allow it. Hmm special interest, lobbiest greasing the wheels or palms of our crooked politicians

Herbert Bayer [Art Director]: GREAT IDEAS OF WESTERN MAN ADVERTISEMENTS FOR 1952 – 53 – 54. Chicago: Container Corporation of America, 1954.

Herbert Bayer Illustration 2 Paired with quote by Alfred North Whitehead. From a series "Great Ideas of Western Man" by Container Corporation of America (1950 -1975). Image from the book "Great Ideas" published by Container Corp. in 1976

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