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DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod for Less than $10

THE BEST IDEA EVER!!! DIY curtain rod for bay windows -- do NOT spend thousands on custom crap...easy DIY! YEA~ Can't wait to try Easy DIY Bay Curtain Rod from


33 Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Stuff Look More Expensive

Don't like this bracket idea because it will limit how much curtain is covering window and still be closeable. Home Depot brackets and PVC pipe can be spray painted for super cheap curtain rods


Bay Window Curtain Rod

There are different window curtain accessories that can be used along with the curtains such as curtain rods, curtain rings and window valences. Choosing the right accessory is essential to bring about a dramatic effect with the help of the curtains.


Studio™ Curtain Rod Corner Connector

So THIS is how you connect curtain rods around corners, in bay windows and such! Curtain rod connectors. Come in several colors.


Curtain rod combination bay window HUGAD Silver-colour

HUGAD Curtain rod corner connector IKEA Perfect to go around a corner or cover a bay window as it has a flexible gooseneck design. Description from I searched for this on


RÄCKA Curtain rod corner connector, black

RÄCKA Curtain rod corner connector - black - IKEA | I don't need this now but good to know they have them


No matter what you’re trying to update, there’s always a way to make it an affordable version! That’s what Shelley Detton from the blog, 7 Layer Studio, discovered when she decided to redo her office on an small budget. Sometimes, the most expensive furnishings are the ones you don’t expect