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Thousands of rare Irrawaddy dolphins found

IRAWADDY DOLPHIN - Orcaella brevirostris ©Photo: EPA In 2009, nearly 6,000 Irrawaddy dolphins, which are related to orcas or killer whales, were found living in freshwater regions of Bangladesh’s Sundarbans mangrove forest and the adjacent waters of the Bay of Bengal, the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society said.


Cylindrus bengalensis (Okutani, T.A., 1968) Bengal Cone Shell size 60 - 148 mm Bay of Bengal; Burma; Thailand


Lambis (Lambis) truncata truncata. Giant/Truncate Spider Conch; Wild Vine Root Shell size 230 - 420 mm E Africa - Bay of Bengal - Philippines


Spectacular images capture the world's clearest waters

An elephant swimming at Havelock Island, located in India's Bay of Bengal, in waters so clean the detail seen is astounding


Havelock Island (part of the Adaman Islands) is in the middle of the Bay of Bengal off of India's east coast.

Euprotomus aratrum melanostomus (f) (Sowerby, G.B. I, 1825) Black Mouthed Conch Shell size 55 - 100 mm W Pacific - Bay of Bengal


Indian firm makes carbon capture breakthrough

Tuticorin thermal power station near the port of Thoothukudi on the Bay of Bengal, southern India. The plant is said to be the first industrial-scale example of carbon capture and utilisation (CCU).

Dim Kasha : Bengali style Eggs in braised onions and tomato gravy

Usually, Sundays mean Mutton curry, but this Sunday the vote went in favour of eggs. My brother, the real (active) mutton aficionado in the house, is out o...


Animal photos of the week: 21 November 2014

Rajan, a 63-year-old Asian elephant takes a dip in the sea in the Bay of Bengal just off the remote Andaman Islands. Diver and photographer Cristian Dimitrius managed to get within metres of the four-tonne male pachyderm to get this shot. At least Rajan never forgets his trunks!