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Tuesday 28 April, 2015 Strasbourg, 28.04.2015 - The head of Europe's 47-nation human rights organisation has called on Indonesia not to carry out the execution by firing squad of 9 people which is expected to take place in the coming days. "The death penalty is a terrible injustice which can never be put right," said Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland. "I urge the Indonesian authorities to refrain from carrying out these ex

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Top 12 Things to Do in Budapest

Hungary is the heart of Central Europe. Ruled by the Roman Empire, then settled by the Huns, its unique Magyar culture has evolved since its founding in

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Tower of London

This summer, the Tower Of London will be surrounded by a sea of crimson. This installation, conceived by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper, will commemorate each and every British or Colonial fatality from World War 1 by planting 888, 246 red ceramic poppies in a flowing sea around the tower. My mum purchased a poppy for a relative lost in this battle. Absolutely beautiful.

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The Victor of Tours: Charles Martel

The Victor of Tours: Charles Martel: The Battle of Tours, by Charles de Steuben, 1837; We all need to know who " Charles Martel " was and what he did for or to us ( Born August 23, 686 ) he was the son of Pippin the Middle and his mistress Alpaida.

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Charles Martel..also known as Charles the Hammer. Duke and Prince of the Franks. Remembered for winning the Battle of Tours in 732. A founding figure of the Middle Ages, credited with a seminal role in the development of feudalism and knighthood. Father of Pepin the Short and grandfather of Charlemagne. Also a relative of yours truly, the awesome Miss Oaks!


French Town Is a Living D-Day Memorial

The French town of Sainte-Mere-Englise Is a Living D-Day Memorial. It was the first village in Normandy to be liberated by the Americans. An effigy of Private John M Steele who landed on the church tower.on D-Day, 6th June 1944. He was made famous in the film, The Longest Day