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The TIME Vault: 1955

A crew maneuvers an enormous piece of artillery during the Battle of Saipan, 1944. In the waning days of the struggle for the island, thousands of Japanese civilians and troops committed suicide, rather than surrender to American troops. Many leapt to their death from the top of sheer cliffs that fall 200 feet to rocks and surf below.

US Marine emptying sand from his boot and having a smoke on an unexploded 16-inch shell fired from a battleship in support of the Battle of Saipan, 1944


A grizzled, weary American peers over his shoulder during the final days of fighting during the July, 1944 Battle of Saipan. The pivotal Allied victory there, 1,500 miles south of Tokyo, was earned at the cost of 3,000 American lives. This picture — easily among the most striking and immediately recognizable of LIFE’s countless war photos — was the 1940s equivalent of saying to the American public: We didn’t start this fight. But we’re going to finish it.

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Discovery of long-lost WWII dog tags may solve 70-year-old mystery

Mystery: Army infantryman Bernard Gavrin went missing during the Battle of Saipan in 1944 at the age of 31. The battle was part of America's Pacific campaign and lasted a bloody three weeks


What One Photographer Saw at the Battle of Saipan

"One living person among hundreds of corpses in one cave was this fly-covered baby who almost smothered before soldiers found him, rushed him to hospital."

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Pictures I Like: “A Walk To The Paradise Garden”, W. Eugene Smith (1946)

Frightened civilian woman and children emerging from cave where they had hidden during battle between Japanese & American forces for control of Saipan. Description from I searched for this on


Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha (Type 1 47 mm L/53,7) : Marine General Thomas Watson with another Marine in front of an abandoned Japanese Type 95 Ha Go light tank from the 9th Tank Regiment. The photo was taken after the June 17/18 1944 tank battle on Saipan--the largest of the Pacific War.


6/20 - An American soldier assisting a woman out of a cave during the battle of Saipan.