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Battle of Lepanto, 7 October 1571, ~500 ships, ~150 000 people, 2500+ cannons, a sea battle won by the Holy League that ended Ottoman threat in Mediterranean

The Holy League banner used at the Battle of Lepanto (1571)

Medal commemorating the Battle of Lepanto, 1571. Obverse: Bust of Don John of Austria in armour and ruff and order (left). 'IOANNES . AVSTRIA . CAROLI . V . FIL . AET . SV . ANN . XXIIII' (John of Austria, son of Charles V, being then twenty-four years of age). National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

Ottoman-Habsburg Wars: Battle of Lepanto

The Battle of Lepanto was a key naval engagement during the Ottoman-Habsburg Wars. Meeting in the Gulf of Patras, the forces of the Holy League succeeded in defeating the Ottoman fleet and ending Turkish expansion in the Mediterranean.

The Battle of Lepanto, October 1571, 1600 (mural). .. battle fought between allied Christian forces under Don John of Austria (1547-78) and the Ottoman Turks during Ottoman campaign to acquire Venetian island of Cyprus; allied forces were victorious; Location: Villa Barbarigo, Noventa Vicentina, Italy


Alvaro de Bazon, the Marquis of Santa Cruz, brought up the reserve and tipped the balance in the center. By the end of the day their was no organized Turkish fleet in the Mediterranean.


Enlarged Picture: Oil Painting - The Battle of Lepanto - Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery Information Centre