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Battle of Kadesh Weapons | The Battle of Kadesh: Public Relations Trumps Performance - Steven L ...

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THE BATTLE OF KADESH: Tactical The Hittite Chariots wheel north and attack the Camp of Amun Click here for further detail.

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The Battle of Kadesh took place between the forces of the Egyptian Empire under Ramesses II and the Hittite Empire under Muwatalli II at the city of Kadesh on the Orontes River, in what is now the Syrian Arab Republic. The battle is generally dated to 1274 BC and is the earliest battle in recorded history for which details of tactics and formations are known. It was probably the largest chariot battle ever fought, involving perhaps 5,000–6,000 chariots

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Hittites - Egypto-Hittite Peace Treaty (c. 1258 BC) between Hattusili III and Ramesses II is the best known early written peace treaty. Istanbul Archaeology Museum

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The Battle of Kadesh & the First Peace Treaty

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