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Seawolf Park - features a 3-story pavilion, the USS CAVALLA (WWII Submarine) ; the USS STEWART (destroyer escort - one of only 3 in the world); a Fishing Pier ; and a Playground. The park was built on an immigration station site and offers a three-story pavilion with a view of Galveston harbor, picnic sites, a playground area and a lighted fishing pier. Parking fee: $6

BENJAMIN F. GHOLSON, (1842–1932) joined the Texas Rangers in 1858. He assisted in the recapture of Cynthia Ann Parker. In the Civil War, Gholson served in Col. George W. Baylor's Second Texas Cavalry and participated in the battle to retake Galveston, capturing 150 Federal soldiers. After the war, he settled on a ranch in Lampasas County and became prominent stockman. He and his wife were married 70 years.

Hunting for Haunted Galveston It should come as no surprise that a seaport city with a colorful past of pirates, sailors, smugglers, and vagabonds, as well as a harrowing history of deadly battles and storms, sports more than a few ghost stories. Galveston’s list runs long. And if you aren’t into ghosts, the city’s rich and sometimes unbelievable history alone makes the island a tantalizing October destination.

Dreadnought era battleship USS Texas late in WW2 showing the massively enhanced anti-aircraft armament carried at that stage of the war by capital ships of all navies. She is preserved in Galveston, Texas.