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R.A.F. Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane Squadrons 1940. No.1 top scoring squadron in the Battle of Britain was Polish, 303 Sq. Flying Hurricanes, not Spitfires. The 3rd highest scoring was ALSO Polish. When Churchill referred to "the few owed so much by so many", I'd like to think he meant the Poles, not the entire RAF. The Poles were tremendous in all services, and their service and reward was a crime at the end of the war. They deserved so much more.

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On September 15, 1940, an armada of Luftwaffe bombers flew over Britain; this photo shows the aerial battles over central London

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The average age of an RAF pilot in 1940 was 20. The strain they were under is clearly written on the face of Squadron Leader B J E 'Sandy' Lane (centre), pictured here aged 23. He was killed in combat 2 years later.

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How England was divided into areas for the different RAF Groups to look after. From Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis.

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'A book of heroes': Volume of 107 Battle of Britain pilot signatures goes on sale

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Winston Churchill - The Battle of Britain, WW2. One of my fav quotes ever... on a WW II monument in London along the river bank

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Shot down today... a most novel experience: What Battle of Britain hero wrote in extraordinary diary

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