I have started to like battle belts more as of late. This is a really cool and simple load out. But I prefer my pistol holster on my vest

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Battle Belt: ATS Warbelt and insert KA-BAR TDI 2 x ITW Grimlocks Condor double Kangaroo pouch Condor double pistol pouch (light, pencil, and multi-tool) ATS tear-away med pouch Maxpedition small.

Neat mounting option: War Belt/1st Line Picture Thread - Page 57 - AR15.COM

Nice use of the G-code RTI on the med-kit. A warbelt is a great get if you are looking for something to strap on quick that is already set up. Just make sure that you war belt doesn't ride up if you're running.


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Verseidag Tacticum Battle Belt, NIJ IIIA

Verseidag Tacticum Battle Belt, NIJ IIIA