Da ist was dran. #Joker #Batman #Duschgedanke #Duschgedanken #Gedanken

Da ist was dran. #Joker #Batman #Duschgedanke #Duschgedanken #Gedanken

Wie wahr...

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Funny pictures about The Joker Philosophy. Oh, and cool pics about The Joker Philosophy. Also, The Joker Philosophy photos.


Read chapter 1 life *and thoughts* from the story Joker Feelings by DarkCrazyJoker (My inner Joker) with 128 reads.

The MS MONSTER... It almost becomes an entity of its own. It gets in between us and others, it swallows our energy, it fools others into believing we are well because we look good... But the MONSTER is always there, taking from us. (Joker quote)

I like this a little too much

We stopped checking for the monsters under our beds when we realised that were inside us joker quote

<3 the joker

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Reminds me of the saying... there is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion. -Edgar Allan Poe. I just luv when fandoms collide! #quotes #batman #joker

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