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Basketball Problems- and I'm just like: "hey, you don't see any basketball player make every shot. I just choose to miss them off the court instead of in the game."


Yep! And all of us except Jessica are all like, "OH NOOOOOOOOOO" @Bethany Shoda Shoda Swedberg @Jess Pearl Liu Solaro @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Newman ;) "Time for 10 suicides, girls!!" -Kellie


Omg it is so true one of the refs I had started the game when we were still talking as a team and they went to score but our goalie ran her butt off and saved it. At the end the score was 4-0

Well... Jamming a finger isn't painful anymore. I've been through worse.


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But when you do something...OMG this just happened tonight... I can't stand some refs!!!!!!>:{


making everything in warmups but missing every shot in a game

For me a group of parents from the opposite team were so determined to argue I fouled out when I clearly didn't. They were even confronting me