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The Library of Lost Books Modern English Writers 1890 - 1914 By Harold Williams Sidgwick and Jackson, London 1918 2013, Mixed media

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Stampin Up Handmade Light Blue Christmas Ornament Cards - 5 Completed Cards

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LOVE this idea!!!pocket pages...this is a neat way to store the little items our children find on nature walks. #homeschool science, nature study idea

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Lace Rustic Wedding Invitation Lace Bunting on Kraft Card with Burlap and Lace band . Summer Fete Country Wedding

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"My name is Lapis not Bob." Oh how the times have turned Lazuli my dear

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The Projects!

Classroom DIY... great idea!!! 1~2개의 글자가 적힌 블럭들을 합치고 적절하게 배열함으로써 단어를 만드는 활동이 가능합니다. 본 강의시간에 했던 phonics baseball과 비슷한 유형의 게임활동이 가능할 것 같습니다^^!

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Turn ACEOs into an art journal. Original pinner sez: love this idea...a small card a day when your days get crazy...

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who doesn't love old #tickets? this is such a great example. They were always jammed with typography going all different ways!

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How to make confetti pockets. Use these on a card for birthdays or vary colors for different Holiday scrapbook pages.

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"Cut a pocket from a baseball card sleeve and sew it onto the spread with clear thread. It created a little flap and allowed me to include journaling for the photo underneath as well as including another photo behind the flap!"

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My, baseball, cheerleading, football, theatre, friends, practice, practice, practice...aaahhhhhh!!!!!!

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