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BAS-RUTTEN MMA Workout CD and DVD - Contains 4 Audio Compact Discs (Boxing, Thai Boxing, All-round Fighting, All-round Workout), 1 DVD, and 1 Instruction Manual. This is what the workout will do for you: They will improve your stamina and power. They will improve your speed. They will improve your reflexes. -

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Bas Rutten MMA System Workout. If you havent checked out the Bas Rutten MMA Workout, you need to. Not only is he hilarious, but the shadow boxing rounds are pretty brutal. Ive been using the MMA Workout shadow boxing rounds for a few years now, and theyre one of my favorite warm-ups and cardio workouts. Bas is an awesome martial artist, one of the pioneers of MMA and again, hes HILARIOUS. workout

Bas Rutten's Liver Shot - MMA Surge | Andrew "Squid" Montañez | #mma

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How to Kick Like a UFC Champion

MMA champ Bas Rutten walked us through his favorite exercises, which tended toward explosive moves that enhanced his colossal kicking power.

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Review: Body Action System is a workout system designed by Bas Rutten that replicates MMA training.

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Full Body Primal Strength Sandbag Workout | Onnit Academy A1: Sandbag Shouldered Get Up – 5 rounds x 5 reps each side A2: Sandbag Floor Press Hip Extension – 5 rounds x 10 reps B1: Sandbag Shouldering to Squat – 5 rounds x 5 reps each side B2: Sandbag Zercher Shinbox Extension – 5 rounds x 8 reps each side C1: Sandbag Clean to Press – 5 rounds x 10 reps