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I don't believe you should ever use an animal for showbiz but if there was ever a bear in captivity that was an amazing story that touched your heart, Bart the Alaskan Zodiac Bear is it

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From the incredible to the bizarre: amazing photographs of 2014

Doug Seus poses alongside the 8ft 6in Bart 2 on his ranch in Heber City, Utah. For the last four decades, Doug and wife Lynne have shared their ranch in the the Heber Valley, Utah, with their four bears: Bart the Bear 1, who died of cancer in 2000, brother and sister team Bart 2 and Honey Bump, and Tank

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The Legacy of Bart the Bear - Eight and a half minutes of splendor in the life of Doug Zeus and bears! Tears and smiles here.

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Utah’s Bart the Bear: Hollywood star, savior for grizzly habitat

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BART, the bear,was trained by Doug and Lynn Seus, an Alaskan Kodiak Bear, born 1977, died 2000 at the age of 23. He appeared in several movies: Grizzly, Day of the animals, Growing up Grizzly and Legends of the Fall. He grew to 9'6" and weighed 1500 pounds. Doug & Lynn are huge advocates for the charity " vital ground " which buys up land to stop beautiful bears being hunted for trophies ! :)

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“Bart the bear holds an envelope naming a winner at the 1998 Academy Awards. Bart himself was once nominated to receive an Oscar for The Bear. In that movie Bart had to be gentle to another bear’s cub. (Most bears are too aggressive to do so.) That’s as close as any animal has ever come to winning an Oscar. Animal actors are classified as props, not characters.” -National Geographic World, May 1999