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Lose Weight on the Lazy Zone Diet (Recipes Included!)

Created by biochemist Dr. Barry Sears, the Zone Diet is based on fitting your diet into a fat-melting “zone,” where you get about 40% of your calories from carbs and 30% each from fat and protein. Unlike fad diets, the Zone Diet lets you eat virtually any healthy food, so you can enjoy your favorite meals and stick with it without feeling deprived. You’ll look healthy, radiant, fit and lean, and feel energized and satisfied with your diet.


Zone Diet Dr. Barry Sears The Zone Books More Dr. Sears Books [-] Low fat and esp. saturated fats intake [+]…


Feasting on Fitness: A Dinner in the Zone: Hearty Paleo-Zone Chili on Roasted Portobello Mushroom Caps with Crunchy Slaw

The book by Barry Sears, Ph.D., creator of the Zone Diet.  I've been living in the Zone for almost two weeks now and want to update you on...

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Dr. Barry Sears - Getting Started on the Zone Diet -


How to Get Cortisol Out of Your System

*Exercise: LOW INTENSITY EXERCISE, performed at 40% intensity, can lower circulating cortisol levels. *Caffeine and Alcohol CAN INCREASE cortisol levels. *A HIGH DOSE OF B COMPLEX vitamins; MAGNESIUM and VITAMIN C. *OMEGA-3s: Dr. Barry Sears reports that that high-dose FISH OIL is a “primary tool” for battling cortisol. *RELAXATION: Keeping your stress levels down is key in removing cortisol from the body, as stress is the primary trigger for cortisol release. –See site for more info…