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I'd love two cakes. A naked cake and a proper iced creation. My beautiful friend Vanessa will have the job of making ours. I'm a sweet tooth so would incorporate the sweet table with the cakes. Paul is savoury so I imagine they'll be a cake purely made from cheese too.


SOULBREEDS 'ELECTRONIQUE' Invisble Ears Mix Release date 14th MAR 2016 by FORK n KNIFE on SoundCloud

'Stella' Cherry is 'Self-Fertile' (so no need for a second cherry tree to pollinate it) and is a really heavy, reliable cropper because it has good resistance to late frosts. Unlike most other sweet cherry varieties, it will thrive in slightly exposed locations but can also be grown in a pot on a patio. The sweetly flavoured dark-skinned, plump & juicy, aromatic fruits will be ready to pick from mid late July each year & from the 3rd growing season onwards expect a harvest of 5kg fruit per…


Available in a big-ole bag at Costco. Makes a great afternoon crunchy sweet snack. Organic Fuji Red Apple Chips


Bare Fruit All Natural Crunchy Apple Chips - Cinnamon - 15 g - Case of 12

Naked as the day we were grown. That’s the beauty of apple chips in the buff. Tasty apple pie flavor that packs a crunch. Guilt-free goodness! Baked, never frie

Bare Fruit, Cinnamon Apple Chips, .64 oz (18 g) (Discontinued Item)

Bare Fruit, Cinnamon Apple Chips, .64 oz (18 g) $0.86 ● An apple in every bag. Source of fiber. Good source of antioxidants.

Bare Fruit Great Granny Crunchy Apple Chips (12x3 Oz)

Around here, we don't mind showing off our assets. That's because they're all natural, with nothing artificial, ever. The satisfying crunch and sweetness of our chips come from our special ovens, cara


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