"In Canada, you don't say, 'I love you.' You say 'EH EH MAPLE LEAF QUEEN HAM BACON MOOSE ANTLER EH.'"

When Canada had the best Barbie doll.

Pretty proud to be Canadian RN. When Canada had the best Barbie doll.

I personally don't mind the soulless jokes--Redheaded Problems--Compilation!

Except I don't mind being called a Weasley, I have a redheaded sister, and I did have a redheaded doll: Barbie's friend Midge.

How do Australians shower? Just like you! First we get a little wet, then we put some shrimp on the barbie.

25 Ridiculously stereotypical memes reveal how different people take showers (Favorite Meme)

Seriously though who puts a calculator on a fridge<< NO ITS CRAZY HOW SHES CLEANING IN WHITE PANTS!

God dammit Barbie what have you done. The knives on the floor are so dangerous you should pick them up

Well that's hilarious

I found out that my house is close enough to a bar to screw with their TouchTunes from the comfort of my bed. Guess who just played Barbie Girl three times in a row?


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