Loving You Barbie | 18 Barbie Dolls From The '80s And '90s That Are Worth A Fortune Now * I so had these! *

18 Barbie Dolls From The '80s And '90s That Are Worth A Fortune Now

Loving You BARBIE DOLL Gift Set w Child Size Purse & MORE! (Mattel Hawthorne) To love Barbie is have this Loving You Barbie Doll. The dress is so cute with the hearts. Who can't love Barbie?

Peaches 'N Cream Barbie - classic...don't think I owned one but a few friends did.

The Baby Doll Inducted Into The Toy Hall of Fame

Peaches and Cream Barbie. I still remember holding this box and gazing into it in the shopping cart at the store as my mom shopped and knowing she was going to buy it for me!

BARBIE 80s - Seriously, The Peaches & Cream Barbie (1st on the Left) was my favorite one EVER!

I remember my sister had the Peaches & Cream Barbie on the left and the one in the white/red Heart dress!

Just reverse the skirt, and POW!  Whole new look.  Great for a quick change after a one-night-stand, Babs!  Night-to-Day Barbie.

Day to Night Barbie Loved the fact that her business suit turned into a sparkly cool dress at night

Dream Glow Barbie from 1985. Remember Ken's outfit would glow too. I loved this doll.  G;)

Dream Glow Barbie (the dress glowed in the dark) This was my FAVORITE Barbie

This cool 80s Barbie came with a watch!

1986 Fun Time Barbie (comes with a sparkly watch) . I have very very strong memories of this barbie for some reason? I distinctly remember the sparkly shirt with the clock on it.

Wet N Wild Barbie. She was my FAVORITE Barbie!! I was obsessed with her hair and her color change suit!

Wet N Wild Barbie. her bathing suit changed colors when it got wet. Totally remember that bathing suit!