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Barbaric Meaning

750 BC to 12 BC,Celts were the most powerful people in central & northern Europe.Wave after wave,they spread outwards,taking over France,Belgium,& crossing to Britain.There were many tribes of Celts,speaking a vaguely common language.Celt comes from the Greek,Keltoi,which means barbarians & is properly pronounced as "Kelt". Celt is a term NOT used until the 18th century.The Romans called these people Britons.The Celtic Iron Age ended AD43 (43 years after Jesus was born)the Romans invaded…


Brunton Turret Hadrians Wall, Northumberland, England by Roger Clegg


By the fourth century AD, the predominant race in northern Scotland were the Picts, the name was coined by the Romans who referred to them as 'Picti' meaning 'painted ones', which referred to the Pictish custom of either tattooing their bodies or covering themselves with warpaint.


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You Don’t Think We Got This Rich Giving Stuff Away Do You?

This photo shows no individual rights and no freedom, but it shows the rule of law as opposed to rule of man, as you can see opposite the small boy, the man with all of the power. Capitalism, is nothing but greed and money, a successful business in poverty all over the world, benefiting no one but the leaders.

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Vikings Lapbook

Vikings Lapbook. Free lapbook, printables and unit study for homeschoolers. Barbarians as we use the term today had a very different meaning than to Greeks.

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They do it to animals. It's absolutely disgusting. They do it to people too. If you're smiling at the end of the day, after destroying a life, and your ego insists "Well, what about me?" You're a joke, a cringeworthy one. And if you destroy human life and say you wouldn't hurt an animal If you endorse suffering on a creature. Claim it satisfies an important need? Well, you're a hypocrite. Stop being proud of yourself. Selfishness isn't a strength. It means you're setting a horrific standard.


The Picts, early inhabitants of Scotland. Pict actually means "painted people". "Pict" was the name of the people who lived in Scotland before the Scots invaded from Ireland, that's right the tribe known as the Scots are Irish. The two lived together and gradually merged until the picts disappeared as a distinct people.