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Alexander Cocktail Recipe

The Alexander is a classic drink, perfect for the winter holidays. The drink is very rich and creamy, with an almost dessert-like texture and taste. This drink is served in a cocktail glass with a touch of freshly ground nutmeg sprinkled on top.

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Top Uses for Bar Keepers Friend

15+ Top Uses for Bar Keepers Friend! From cleaning Pyrex to Scratches on cars you won't believe what this stuff CAN DO!

Bar Keepers Friend's Cleanser & Polish is consider the best cleaning product for removing rust, tarnish, hard water stains and lime scale.

Fleur Collins Cocktail--St. Germain and Creme de Violette lend a floral twist to the bright and bubbly Tom Collins cocktail.

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How to Paint a Dresser {the correct way

FINALLY a tutorial to show you how to paint a dresser the correct way with the best products for the job! #spon

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White Christmas Mojito

White Christmas Mojito | @hbharvest

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29 Clever Kitchen Cleaning Tips Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

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Cleans grout, tile, stainless pots & pans, oven (inside & out), glass (including windows & soap scum off shower doors), car rims & mufflers, only thing it can't be used on is marble. Very little scrubbing & it cost less than 2 bucks!! When vinegar & baking soda won't work this stuff definately will!

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15 Foolproof Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Cute! Have caricatures drawn as an option for fun and affordable wedding entertainment | 15 Foolproof Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception

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22 of the best cleaning products that practically do all the work for you: Magic Stainless Steel Wipes

Bar Keepers Friend

Autumn Spiced Rum Cider Cocktail

Autumn Spiced Rum Cider Cocktail - the perfect autumn cocktail! |

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When I was in the majestic Algarve region of Portugal, backpacking with my friend Nicole, we went to a place called Lagos. I sent my parents an email filling them in, and my Mom responded with a frantic email concerned about me taking off to Nigeria. Lagos, Portugal is not Lagos, Nigeria.

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7 Last-minute edible Christmas gift ideas

If you need some last-minute Christmas gift ideas, I have put together a list of 7 truly special edible Christmas treats you can make for your friends and family! Includes some healthy vegan treats as well as free from processes sugar!

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Bar Keepers Friend