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5 yrs ago L.B. went bankrupt. It cost the US economy: $22 trillion. Divided among US populace that would be $69,478.88 ea. Assets of the 4 biggest banks JPMorgan, Bank of Amer., Citigroup, Wells Fargo in '08: $6.4 trillion. Assets of those 4 today: $7.8 trillion. Of the 63 former L.B. employees aware of a scheme to mask its true finances # who are employed in sr. financial services positions today: 47. After getting bailed out by the Amer. taxpayers Wall Street is doing just fine…

The #Freedmen’s Savings and Trust Company, commonly referred to as The Freedmen’s Bank, was incorporated on March 3, 1865.  It was created by the United States Congress along with the Freedmen’s Bureau to aid the freedmen in their transition from #slavery to freedom.  During 1861, many #black Americ...Freedmen's Savings and Trust Company: Incorporated to Teach Free Slaves How to Save Money


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} carried committee of economy and investment parliamentary responsibility of the Central Bank of the fluctuation of the price of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies.A member of the Economic Commission Amer winner told the News} {Euphrates on Thursday that the “wiggle political Central Bank weighed heavily on the currency in Iraq,” noting that “the bank is responsible exclusively on monetary policy in the country.


We all know the Zionist banksters control the world money supply. This is NOT news. What is news is that they used to try to hide their occupation of the U.S. American money system by pretending to be Americans. Now? Screw it! This time they are just blurting it out! The Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve is going to be an Israeli bankster who ran the Bank of Israel Bank; Stanley Fischer. Plain and Simple! Screw You America!

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