Chewy banana granola that’s completely oil-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan. I am intent upon claiming granola back as a healthy food! As I’ve said before, granola should be healthy – after all, the main ingredients are oats and nuts – but for some reason it often has a hideous amount of oil and sugar added to …

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Crunchy, grain free banana granola made with mixed nuts, seeds, natural sweeteners and mashed bananas for easy homemade breakfasts and snacks on the go.

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BANANA BREAD GRANOLA | 30 minutes, super healthy and tastes JUST like banana bread |

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Strawberry Banana Granola Bars- super easy and healthy. Perfect for a lunchbox addition, a breakfast on the go or a snack

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A simple recipe for skinny, clean-eating Strawberry Banana Granola Bars. So much better than the granola bars sold in stores!

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These granola bars are packed with banana, dried fruit, quinoa, oats and chia seeds. They're a great on the go breakfast or fuel up snack! Gluten free too.

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Breakfast Granola Cups Here’s what you will need: Makes 12 cups 2 bananas 100g honey 1 tsp almond extract 125g rolled oats 1 tsp cinnamon Pinch of salt Suggested toppings: yoghurt, blueberries and raspberries Here’s how you make it: 1) Mash two bananas in a small bowl and add the honey and almond extract. Mix well and set aside. 2) Mix the rolled oats, cinnamon and a pinch of salt in a large bowl, then add the banana mixture to it. Mix well. 3) Transfer to muffin tin tray, pressing down on…

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This is How I Cook: Banana Granola Toasting Bread is the perfect way to start or end your day!

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