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halloumi skewers with parsley and lemon salsa recipe

This is the perfect vegetarian snack to serve with drinks and cocktails. The halloumi is wonderful with the concentrated taste of the preserved lemons. Get ahead by making the salsa in the morning.


Nasi goreng with lime and sugar barbecued chicken

Rick Stein serves up tasty Indonesian fried rice - ideal for barbecues, or for using up leftover cooked meat and veg. For this recipe you will need 8-16 bamboo skewers (18cm/7in long), soaked in cold water for 1 hour.


Star Wars Cake Topper - Yoda

Do or do not. There is no try Famous words from Master Yoda! For all you Star Wars lovers out there! This listing is for 1, 5 inch Yoda topper! Hes made completely out of fondant, except for the bamboo skewer support in the middle and the cane. Nut free, gluten free and entirely safe to eat (aside from the skewer)! Although this mouse is holding a baseball bat and ball, I can customize so that he is holding your choice of sporting utensil, football, soccer ball, golf ball and driver…

Tandoori chicken party skewers

These mini skewers of spiced chicken make great party food, and are so simple to put together. For this recipe you will need 15 x 15cm/6in bamboo skewers.