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10 Fun Balloon Games For Kids Summer is here and that means barbecues, picnics and back yard parties and at these events are plenty of kids looking to have fun. Make sure they remember your get together as the party of the summer with these 10 Fun Balloon Games For Kids. Balloon Games For Kids... <a href="">[Read More]</a>


Balloon Pinata - use the top of a pop bottle to add sweets and treats into the balloon before blowing it up. Perhaps you could blindfold your guests and give them a knitting needle so they can try and pop the balloons? Party game!


20 of the very best games to play with Balloons! Fun balloon games that are easy and great to play at birthday parties or anytime! #balloon #games #kids

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13 Christmas Party Games Your Guests Will Love

Have guests split into teams of three and give them 15-20 balloons and a pair of pantyhose with the openings at the feet. One person wears the pantyhose on their head; the fastest team to blow up all balloons and stuff them into the pantyhose wins. Get the tutorial at Party Games Plus. -

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Yes, wrap your motor in Duck tape. How could I not venture to the Avon Duct Tape Festival this past weekend? Avon happens to be one of the two (there may be more) duct tape capitals of the world – the other being Sarah Palin’s home village of Wasilla. And yes, it’s kind of what …