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The ballistic missile submarine USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735) prepares to moor in Apra Harbor, Guam, for a scheduled port visit.

USS Chafee (DDG-90) on 2014. Chafee is one of five Arleigh Burke destroyers that won't receive a ballistic missile defense (BMD) upgrade due to a reduction of funding as part of the Navy's FY 2016 budget request. US Navy Photo


How Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles Work (Infographic)


How Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles Work #Infographic


October 14, 1962: This photograph is taken by a U-2 flying over Cuba. Analyzed by the CIA the next day, the photo shows a truck convoy approaching Soviet medium-range ballistic missile (MRBMs). It is the first photo identified as showing Soviet MRBMs in Cuba. Source: Dino A. Brugioni collection, National Security Archive

USS Donald Cook, which arrived at Rota Naval Station, Spain earlier this month, is the first of four ballistic missile defence (BMD) capable destroyers that will be stationed at the base.The ships are capable of tracking and shooting down ballistic missiles in flight, using their Aegis radar system and SM-3 interceptor missiles. These capabilities will make the destroyers a key component of NATO’s missile defence shield for Europe.


6 Tiny Mistakes That Almost Ended the World

On January 25, 1995, scientists in Norway were conducting science experiments on the aurora borealis by using a harmless rocket to study it. When it was launched, Russian radar system picked up what looked like an American ballistic missile. President Boris Yeltsin had 10 minutes to decide whether or not Russia would fire back with their own nukes. Right before time was up, the missile fell into the ocean and Yeltsin did not have to make a decision. Mutually Assured Destruction saved us…