shoulders back, long neck, stomach in, head tilt, elbows up, arms out, legs straight, higher, pull up, point toes, don't roll, don't sickle, ribs in, butt tucked, turn out, thumbs in, energy, square hips, extend, reach, breathe, SMILE!

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Foundations at the barre – Basic ballet positions of the feet and arms explained. Poise, line and beauty are developed in the art of classical ballet. Even for the simplest movements, correct…

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I hate how people underestimate friend is in ballet and she is one of the strongest, most enduring people I know.

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Margot Fonteyn in Swan Lake, Sadlers Wells Ballet company, black and white photograph, about 1945

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Haha so true! I destroyed one of my buns just during a warm up once...hey what's with that spelling of bobby pin? geez people

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Ballet dancer, What people think I do, What I really do meme image -

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we complain about adagio but then theres that ridiculously fast stupid allegro that no one likes and the teacher makes you do it over and over again.

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