Dancing Branflakes

Do you love the grace of ballerina chic? Do you incorporate ballerina beauty into your style? Then you'll enjoy this gallery devoted to ballerina style.

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Photographer Dane Shitagi brings the beauty of ballet outdoors in the New York City Ballerina Project. Throughout the eight years that Shitagi has been bringing this collection to life, the New York City streets served as his backdrop. Rather than shooting in a studio, he wanted to take his creativity and inspiration from the world outside – preferring the rawness and atmosphere that only a living city could bring.

The Beautiful Ballerina Project (35 photos)

Ballerina Project is a series of photographs created by photographer: Dane Shitagi. This project is not “dance photography” but an etching of a ballerinas.

Ballet - one of the biggest loves of my life. oh how I miss it. (P.S. - the Ballerina Project is A-mazing!)

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Dane Shitagi is raising funds for Ballerina Project - Bringing our photography to life on Kickstarter! The Ballerina Project looks to bring its still photography to life by creating new short dance films and documentaries.

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