Ballet Beautiful Workout Moves:

10 Ballerina Workout Moves for a Long, Lean Body

Ballet Workout

Ballet Workout Ballet looks deceptively easy but anyone who has tried it knows it is exceptionally difficult requiring great balance, strength, flexibil

Say hello to lean legs, toned arms, elegant curves and a strong core! Try this ballerina workout by top fitness trainer Christine Bullock.

The Long & Lean Ballerina Workout by Christine Bullock

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Sonoya Mizuno, 27-year-old ballet dancer.  None of the photos are altered or retouched in any way...

Aerie's new ads feature an unretouched ballerina

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Natalie Portman's Black Swan Workout

Natalie Portman Ballet Workout - Check out Natalie Portman's workout while working on the Black Swan movie. ♥ If you enjoyed my pin, pls do visit my celebrity site at www.

lordbyron44: Anna Sharovyova

lordbyron44: Anna Sharovyova (A well traveled woman)

“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” — Rainer Maria Rilke (via awelltraveledwoman)

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Essentrics, the latest fitness craze, combines stretching and strengthening to get you ready for the spotlight in as little as three weeks

Female gesture pose references, some anatomical studies - (Sport) by Laura Braga

"Some anatomical studies - (Sport) by Laura Braga, via Behance"/dance/pose/anatomy/reference

Get fit like a ballerina

How to Get a Toned Physique Like a Ballet Dancer

Get fit like a ballerina - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

I don't really know what "Ballet Abs" are, but they seem more elegant than regular abs

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Love to dance? Get Ballet abs with this simple at home routine. Turn up the music! Great guess I need this now that I'm taking dance.

How To Eat Like A Ballerina

How To Eat Like A Ballerina

Try these healthy eating guidelines—and delicious recipes—for your best body yet

Get motivated to pack on the muscle at the gym with these photos of women who prove fit is the new sexy!

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Get motivated to pack on the muscle at the gym with these photos of women who prove fit is the new sexy!