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Uffington White Horse: Mysterious Places in Britain


Butterfly Life Cycle- and I'm sort of thinking, once the kids learn this, would it be easy enough as a writing activity for them to try to apply it to the other life cycles we have to learn?


Poetry- Types, Elements, and Analyzing Posters or Slides

Poetry Slam: Amazing tool to teach poetry! Elements of Poetry have definitions and examples for: alliteration, imagery, metaphor, meter, onomatopoeia, personification, repetition, rhyme, rhyme scheme, rhythm, simile, stanza, theme, tone. Poetry Types have definitions and examples for: Ballad, Narrative, Couplet, Quatrain, Cinquain, Free Verse, Haiku, Limerick, Lyrics, Parody, Free Verse, Concrete, Diamante, Acrostic, Bio-Poem, Informative, Humorous. Plus analyzing slides! TPT Resource


Blake - Victorian Art Poetry Print - To See a World in a Grain of Sand Poem - Dreamy 19th Century Illustration


I speak of love that comes to mind: The moon is faithful, although blind; She moves in thought she cannot speak. Perfect care has made her bleak. I never dreamed the sea so deep, The earth so dark; so long my sleep, I have become another child. I wake to see the world go wild. - "An Eastern Ballad" by Allen Ginsberg - Google Search


the forest road where first Darrow attacks Aleric, and then Keiron attacks Dolan as he is looking for his brother