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Vintage 1970s miniature small paddington bear black hat red coat


Large Steiff Teddy bear, German circa 1909 Brown mohair, straw filled bear with black boot button eyes, elongated muzzle, hump to back, stitched claws, swivel head and jointed at shoulders and hips, remains of felt paw pads, (general wear and bald patches to mohair, three holes and stitches missing to snout and mouth, pads recovered, stuffing loose), (28in) tall.


'Botched hair appointment left me with bald patch the size of a TENNIS BALL'

A botched hair appointment has left one woman with a bald patch the size of a tennis ball and left burn marks from the chemicals. The salon at fault did not perform a standard test to see if the chemicals in their dye affected the woman's head and as such damaged the hair and burned through to her scalp before the foils were removed.


The two inch bald patch that shattered my world

Settling into the hairdresser’s chair, I allowed myself a sigh of relaxation as I melted into the hands of the stylist. It was October 2011 and I was having my expensive blonde highlights topped up for a reunion party with a group of much-loved friends I’d lived with when I first came to London in 1996. Not having seen them for years, I wanted to look my best.


Remèdes maison pour la perte de cheveux qui fonctionnent vraiment

Vous perdez environ 50 à 100 cheveux par jour, ce qui est normal, selon les dermatologues. Au moment où la perte de cheveux dépasse ce stade, nous commençons à remarquer de plus grandes poignées de cheveux ou des endroits dégarnis, une condition appelée alopécie. De nombreuses personnes font l’expérience d’endroits dégarnis dans leur trentaine, du fait …