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Nice bald and beard. Bald has to restrain and tailor shape more than other beards. That's what makes it hot.

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5 Reasons To Go Bald With a Beard

The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that looks good on all men. Even better, beards balance out a lack of hair on top. Bald with a beard is a combination that works at every length,

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Why You Seriously Need a Beard with a Bald Head

Now that the hair is gone there is not much to style. Or is there? Have you tried being bald with a beard?

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Why You Seriously Need a Beard with a Bald Head

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Tom Hardy unveils drastic buzz-cut and beard at premiere of Child 44

Still handsome: Even with the new look - which, presumably, is for a new role - Tom was gorgeous

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What Does A Man's Bald Head Signal?

What Does A Man’s Bald Head Signal? | Do Men With Shaved Heads Project Dominance & Authority?

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Thick and black Describes so many things I like about men. But for the sake of this blog we will stick with the male equivalent of makeup... The beard. O yes, this is the sister (well BROTHA) blog to: theotherblack This blog is also co-edited...

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