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This lady had lost hearing on her right side in an accident when she was five years old. She has trouble with sound direction and back ground noise. With this bone-anchored hearing aid there is lower risk for further damage and can have hearing restored. Great AT device.

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Learn how to make your own soft band head band so your child can wear their hearing aid comfortably! #Microtia #hearingaid #hearingdevelopment

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This will be my baby's new accessory next week. Looking for things to add to make it fun for her to wear! BAHA (bone anchored hearing aids)

The Best Hearing Aid Accessories for Kids: Pediatric Clips and More

Your child wears hearing aids, or is going to get hearing aids soon. What accessories will help keep those precious listening devices safe and comfortable for little ones?

(Bone Anchored Hearing Aid/Bone Anchored Hearing System) * Cochlear Americas has made the following suggestion: try using the following two descriptions for a BAHA when speaking with your ENT, audi…

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