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Dead beat Moms who alienate the child from their biological family. Others are also seeing the truth as well. Stop Parental Alienation!

But in the end, even though you’re exhausted most of time, being a parent is totally worth it. | 26 Pictures Literally Every Parent Will Relate To

26 Pictures Literally Every Parent Will Relate To

Best neighbor ever, you can hear the story but never truly believe it lol til there's photos to haunt them for years

I feel bad for finding this post amusing, but why is the neighbor taking pictures instead of helping Summer!

Feeling bad about your own personal mom style or lack thereof? Then this post full of hilarious parenting memes will make you feel better. If you're struggling to keep it together and still look nice while being a busy mom, then this funny blog post will make you laugh.

13 Memes That Perfectly Describe The Struggle That Is Trying To Look Nice When You Have Kids

I used to be a hairdresser so you can imagine the pain of said lowered standards.

Been there. DO that. You mean I'm not the only one!?!  This sounds so familiar.

Even though I am not a mom, I have washed the load currently in the washing machine 4 times. and still forgot to put it in the dryer this morning.

16. J’aime Nanou. Elle était très dur quand elle a frappée l'agent. Elle prend soin des enfants mais elle est strict. Je pense que ce pin reflète Nanou en tout point.(Livio)

Tough as Nails

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