Yes he was weak! all he had was his physical strength and the backing of his psychos, to put one woman 'in her place'?? he couldn't even do it by himself. Make no mistake THAT is the definition of weak. I'm getting better :) last night wasn't as bad as i thought it was gonna be.

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"But he keeps calling" she said. You think the devil is going to let you walk out of hell without a fight? Bad men want love too. It's your job as a woman not to confuse desire with what you deserve. It's not a question of whether or not he loves you, it's how much bullshit that comes with the "I love you." How much bullshit you're going to put up with. Remember, he can be sorry from anywhere. It's your choice of whether it's in your bed, or the curb.

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Just Sayin'... You aren't an idiot . Your behavior was. Your decision was. That you let go of something really wonderful...definitely an idiot move.

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Bahahahaha! Idk how these "women" can be married to such pussies. Man the fuck up! Such a bad look.

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Being single is the greatest thing that can ever happen to some people. You will learn to be YOU and when you find yourself, you learn exactly what YOU are looking for.. :)

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