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The 102 year skeleton war


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They say milk is good for your teeth and so is minding your own god damn business - vintage retro funny quotes

Star Wars humor, phone brightness

33 Pictures That Speak The Truth

I thought some were funny, and some legitimately made me feel sad!

28 of the best jokes

This large bleeding cup (they also come in small) reminds us that ancient Romans had a different concept of medicine and health. Bronze bleeding cups were used for both ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ cupping. In dry cupping, a flaming piece of lint was put in the cup and then applied to skin. The flame immediately went out and a vacuum sucked out the "bad humor". In wet cupping the doctor made an incision in your arm and drained a cupful of blood.

This large bleeding cup (they also come in small) reminds us that Romans had a…

I have a bad feeling about this

I have a bad feeling about this

dad jokes - blind-man

A list of the funniest dad jokes in the world, as voted for by some of the world’s funniest dads. Prepare to laugh, cry and cringe in equal measure…

The boss fight when u try to leave Starbucks with a water

(bottom lady is doing the bridge and the top is laying on top of her stomach holding her own feet)

Funny Images of The Day - 30 Images

“ swaggiepolice: “ malformalady: “ A barn owl leaves an impression after flying into a window. There are a variety of theories as to why birds hit windows - the most obvious is that windows.