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If you can't overcome the darkness, become the darkness.

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Say it!

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Some people just need a pat on the back sarcastic bad attitude funny sayings quotes t-shirts

Best 40 Hilarious Memes

In love with gang members ??? Are u crazy that nerd is a stalker i havent seen in over 10 yrs begging me to be with him are crazy??? I aint with nobody i work and do me like ive always done

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50 Hilariously Funny Minion Quotes With Attitude

Everyone loves minion, so what is better then minions with a funny attitude? Here we have 50 funny minion quotes all with a fun and sarcastic attitude that will have you laughing out loud. These minion quotes are funny and relatable, especially if you are having a long day!

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Phoebe Buffay's 27 Best Lines On "Friends"

Phoebe Friends tv show Funny quotes

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when people ask me "what's the answers"

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007......honorary member of the "Rot In Hell Club" Board of Directors

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Velcro People Say I Have a BAD Attitude Funny Morale Patch

Velcro People Say I Have a BAD Attitude Funny Morale Patch – Titan One