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Michael Jackson - Bad Genre: Pop, Dance, R One of the first CDs owned (gifted), 'Bad' is deeply embedded in childhood and musical memories

Rockin' that homeless look

Crank Up 24 of the Worst Album Covers

No, you really don't have to.

15 Creepiest Old Album Covers

15 Creepiest Old Album Covers (Worst Album Covers, Bad Album Covers, Awful Album Covers, Creppy Album Covers, Old Album Covers) - ODDEE

22 Bad Album Covers That Rock The Creepy - Team Jimmy Joe

22 Bad Album Covers That Rock The Creepy

Because I really want them to come crap all over my patio.

The 4 Most Baffling Trends in Old-Timey Album Covers

The Ministers Quartet, "Let Me Touch Him."  Okay, so it didn't have the subtext then that it does now.  Still funny

The Worst Album Covers of All Time Make Me Miss Old Record Stores

Despite being born with spaniel's ears Ken grew huge marijuana plants and attracted a wife with the deadest eyes you've ever seen. (Jan)

18 Album Covers That Are So Bad They're Straight-Up Amazing

More of the worst album covers ever! Sit back, put on your head phones & crank up the laughter as ya enjoy funny album covers

Scary Clown Mister Poopsy Whoopsy ~ Album Cover Art ! The Bad, The Funny The Worst

20 Bad Album Covers That Rock the Creepy Scale

Vintage Classic Vinyl: More of the Worst of Bad Album Cover Art. These horrendous album covers are funny and horrible, like two mints in one. Gospel to Rock

Ok, so is this the worst album cover ever? - Democratic Underground

“My Lips Are For Blowing” Svetlana Gruebbersolvik (Mock cover courtesy of the creative minds at Twisted Vintage)

He really didn't. It means 'Hey darling' for your information...

20 Bad Album Covers That'll Make Your Head Shake

Rock out to the creepy world of the worst in bad album covers. These old works of album cover art takes vintage vinyl to a new level of funny.

Bad album covers pt 2

A Taste Of Dick Black. from Awful Album Covers That Are Worse Than the Music (Hopefully)