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Homemade Bacon Soap Recipe for Men

This homemade bacon soap recipe makes a great DIY Valentine's Day gift idea for men! Made with real bacon fat this homemade soap recipe yields a hard, extra conditioning soap that can either smell like bacon or any other scent of your choice!

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OMFG It is Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee Soap

OMFG It is Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee Soap, well sod the coffee soap rit off, just giv uz the the bacon an' whiskey

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How to Make Bacon Soap

How to make homemade lye soap from bacon fat grease and ashes

Looking for activities for kids? Try soap making with them! It's a kids craft you'll both love.

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Soap for Hipsters - BEST SELLER

Soap for Hipsters - BEST SELLER! by Whiskey River Soap Co. | ''Smells just like your beard. Ah, hipsters. An almost completely passé concept at this point. But if we made a normcore soap, would it have to dress like Jerry Seinfeld? We swore off mom jeans back in the 80s. Soap for Hipsters is not for the hipster poser, btw. The rich scents of coffee, bacon and craft beer will waft from the bubbly lather and make you ... well, hungry is our guess.''

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Bacon Soap

Looking for gifts for him? With our exclusive range of gifts for men you need look no further. Discover now.

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How to Prepare Bacon Grease for Soapmaking

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