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Split pea & green pea smoked ham soup

Split pea & green pea smoked ham soup recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food - going to cook this tonight!!!!


Bacon Hock & Vegetable Soup

Delicious slow cooked bacon hock gives this bacon hock & vegetable soup a full bodied delicious flavour that is worlds apart from any store brought…


Sausage, radicchio and lemon gnocchi

Leftover baked potatoes are perfect for this easy gnocchi recipe, served with a rich sausage sauce and bitter leaves.


Ham hock cooked in pilsner with honey and ginger

This beer-glazed ham hock recipe is certainly a sight for sore eyes, making a fantastic Sunday lunch option. The hocks are cooked in Meantime Pilsner, ginger and honey, before reducing the cooking liquor to make a sticky glaze for roasting.


Nigel Slater's spring soup recipes

Put a ham hock in a deep pan with just enough water to cover, bring to the boil, skim off the froth that rises to the surface, then turn the heat down so the liquid simmers. Cover the pan with a lid and leave, with the occasional turn, for 45-50 minutes or so, till the ham is cooked through to the bone.