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What to Pack for your first Winter Backcountry Hut Trip

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22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping

What Not To Pack - Keep These Off Your Backpacking Checklist

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Backpacker's checklist, great resource so you don't forget anything on your next adventure.
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The Ultimate Multi-day Hiking Packing List

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Gear Checklist

When I'm preparing for a trip, I have to go through my gear many times to make sure I packed everything. The checklist below is where I've landed for optimizing simplicity without compromising all of my comfort. Below are gear checklists you can print and use as you prepare for your trip. Here are four options: Glacier, Map, Fall, & Printer-Friendly. Is there anything you'd add or delete on this list?

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Great Western Trail, Utah. Simple, pure fun of backpacking. In fact, the simplicity of it is actually why it is so rewarding.