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MS Tuesday-A Few New MS Graphics

I have Congential Spinal Stenosis, both lumbar and cervical, but even I'd hate to wake up and find I'm dead!!

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Truth. Pain makes one change, because you can never go back to being the person you were before

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Inspirational Quotes and Pictures - Beautiful Thoughts, Inspirational, Motivational, Success, Friendship, Positive Thinking, Attitude, Trust, Perseverance, Persistence, Relationship, Purpose of Life - Part 3

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Positive chronic pain quote

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Evolutionists say that we just say, "God did it" and that we move on; meanwhile, they say, "Nature did it somehow in a way that we can't explain" and that's called "enlightenment". NONSENSE!

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Voodoo doll, please give it back ! Spoonie quotes. Laughing is often the best form of medicine!! I hope you find a solution. For pain relief, that naturally sounds good!! premium UK Cannabidiol "CBD" Oils and CBD vape e-liquids. Share and like them at, Try it ?

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Some say it's laziness but then they don't know what it's like when every day it's just so hard to get out of bed sometimes and face the world and reality. You try with all your might to be productive but tiredness takes over and you just have to sink back to doing nothing. And you feel lazy but you can't help it. We all get tired.

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