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"Oh god... W-what have I done. I..I didn't mean to go this far. But I couldn't stop myself. I'm so so sorry," Eli says to the lifeless body laying several feet in front of him. (This is after Eli agrees to the terms of the organization that helped him take down James and the organization does something to Eli that makes it hard to control himself)

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Gospel music newest sensation from Nairobi Philip Munyao releases new jam 'A Better Kenya that is his first single. The song generally talks about a better country for everyone in the world not only his own country Kenya but also other states. We are now living in a world where the difference between gospel music and secular is becoming slim by the day. There is an unending debate about the gap between industry and ministry most of the mainstream gospel artists are swallowed by the…

13 Healthy Recipe Ideas for the New Year

13 Healthy Recipe Ideas for the New Year - 13 amazing recipes to keep you on track!

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A new year means a fresh start I started the 3-Day Refresh today and I'm feeling so much better already . This always helps me jumpstart my weight loss and get back on track with eating clean ... After taking my "before" stats... I'm know this will help me so much as it is really needed. #3dayrefresh #cleanse #scoliosis #sciatica #backpain #teacherlife

As the demands of daily life pile up, it’s easy to find yourself exhausted, defeated and overwhelmed. Fortunately, just because you lost it temporarily doesn’t mean you can’t find it again. Here is a three-day guide for getting yourself get back on track with the way of life that recharges your body, brain and spirit while you recreate an extraordinary life.

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What Is Our Worth? | Inside Higher Ed by @readwriting - How do we ensure that we are properly compensated for our work, both now and later? How do we keep from our work and our ideas from being exploited? Scholarship is supposed to be a conversation, but what happens if discussions that we initiated go on behind our backs?

Just discovered a new selling point of my #fitbit. I forgot q payment and my phone got cut off today. Should have it back up tomorrow but in the mean time I wanted to #run so I went to track it. #strava Internet. #charitymiles Internet. But then I turned #bluetooth on my phone, launched the fitbit app and tracked my run using the #gps in the fitbit itself. What this tells me is you don't even need a phone service ... just a fitbit and q smartphone and wifi to…

Mab's keeping water and meds down again, so we're back on track! Thanks for your prayers. She drew an illustration the "dumb uterus she sent packing" in her sketchbook and over the past few days she's had all her nurses, doctors, and visitors sign and write mean things to it. #gottalove #thatsenseofhumor #dumbuterus #endometriosisawareness -

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Virgo Daily horoscope for 2017-01-12: There's nothing more poignant than an unfulfilled promise. Is there an area of your life you've been neglecting? Perhaps a hobby or a career ambition or just a promise to spend more time with someone that's fallen by the wayside in all the hustle and bustle of everyday life? It's easy to get pulled away from things that have deeper meaning, but if you make an effort, you can get back on track with something (or someone) that you once loved…

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