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30 Amazing Inspirational Quotes

What I love about being this age is having the ability to help and support younger women, especially those with young families because I know how hard it can be. If you care about someone you support what is important TO THEM! no game playing, no manipulation, you don't care about someone if your intentions are selfish as fuck. SIMPLE!. So sick of this culture of "what can I get out of this" if you can't be selfless, fuck off back into your hole, you're trash!


i am who i am. i like what i like. i love what i love. i do what i want. get off my back and deal with it. it's my life, not yours


Also I've seen multiple different boys searching for shoes instead of paying attention in class


Read this aloud, it will impact you deeper. Tell me, are there people in your life that you need to let go of? Be honest... are there excessive thoughts, overthinking and mental blocks that you've created for yourself? Do you agree that it's time for you to take back control? In 2017, my entire purpose is to help you look within. Every writing, every video and every book will be about YOU! I want you to realize that YOU are the source. Are you with me? -- Let's start off by reading my…


PROVERBS 6:34 Jealousy is an evil spirit! It is an admission of one’s feelings of inadequacy and showing your inability to deal with the truth. Being controlled by a spirit of jealousy will feed inadequacy through displays of anger and resentment toward another. Filled with bitterness and frustration that every chance you get, you try to hold someone else back and keep them down. In your mind, wrong is right and evil is good. Jealousy cuts you off from God...


“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” - Carl Bard