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Meme Watch: These ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Memes Explain Why They Fight

Stark is hysterical, regardless of who's doing the talking.....

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This is what i call the dream room☆ but my room would never ever look this perfect, instead it would be a scarf on the back wall and the map would be a map of america⭐︎ I know i seem adventurous but i don't think i would be up to spending a ridiculous price on things so i think I'm going to have to resort to a budget☇

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America's answer to William and Kate: Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn marries British bride on Royal Wedding weekend (and the dress looks a little familiar)

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I pinned this to my Americana board because I think this represents American culture and history because America was the one to pioneer into the fashion world and come up with jeans for the working man and its also funny to see how much jeans have evolved in America back then they were for working men like farmers, miners, ect and they were so cheap, you could get them for a dollar and some cents but now famous people wear them now and now they can cost up to hundreds of dollars.

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Shaped by War: Photographs by Don McCullin

Don McCullin is one of the greatest war photographers. This is just one of many, many of his images. They are stunning.

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Black Ivory: History of British Slavery by James Walvin; This social history looks at African slavery & the Atlantic slave trade which, in the space of 300 years, transported more than 11m Africans to the Americas & the Caribbean - with millions more dying en route. book shows how the British maritime trade & power were transformed by the Atlantic slave trade, & how ports like Bristol, Liverpool & London grew into international trading centres on the backs of the slaves.

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Map of Literary Britain and Northern Ireland Description: Literary Britain as you've never seen it before! This original hand-lettered poster features 188 writers and is exclusive to The Literary Gift Company.

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