YOGA SEQUENCE TO WHEEL POSE: This sequence is targeted to those who feel strong but not open enough to do wheel pose, results may not be instant but these things take time & dedication. Do warm up well, I have a "Back Bending Warm Up" sequence in my feed,

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2 years ago that was as far as I could go and that was already taking everything out of me. 2 years later I can't quite believe the difference! There are a few things I swear by to improve back bending so here are my top tips: 1. WALL STRETCH 5mins, face a wall one arms length away, place hands on wall, hand shoulder width apart, start to walk feet back and melt the head and chest downwards. You should feel it in the back of your shoulders. 2. BLOCK RESTING 5mins, place a hard yoga block ...

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Back strengthening/back bending tips. Use a wall for a proper backbend. Keeps both shoulders in line and you get the… by nayitavp -

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YOGA SEQUENCE: BACK BENDING WARM UP - 1. Stand at the top of your mat, roll your shoulders up to the ears & down the upper back. Take one big inhale & fully exhale - 2. Inhale to raise the arms up into your back bend (squeeze butt, weight in heels, legs & arms straight) - 3. Exhale bend the knees into chair pose (toes & knees touch) - 4. Inhale back bend in your chair (stick tail bone out, flare the ribs, pull arms back further than ears) - 5. Exhale forward fold - 6. Inhale lift half way…

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YOGA TIPS: KNEES CHEST CHIN On my previous sequence post "Back Bending Warm Up" it included only knees chest chin in replacement of chaturangas, for me when I'm back bending I try to only do this so to keep my spine supple & chest open. Here are some variations of knees chest chin you can do during that warm up to make the sequence more effective in prep for your back bends 1. KNEES CHEST CHIN The basic form. If you're accustomed to it, try walking the knees forward & also the chin forward…

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Stretches to improve back flexibility. I love these! However to fellow yogis n yoginis be sure you include a proper warm up before going into any type of deep back bend... Love and light!

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